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Release Notes May 30 2023


We are excited to announce the addition of a new feature and improvement to the existing system.

Create Client in Insight – Fields Sent to Insight Will Now Show Each Time

To enhance the user experience and provide better visibility, an update has been implemented in the “Create Client in Insight” feature. Now, whenever the “Create Client in Insight” button is clicked, the fields that are sent to Insight will be displayed on the screen each time, regardless of whether any fields are blank or not. This change ensures that users can easily review and verify the information being sent to Insight for checking purposes. Previously, this screen would only appear if one or more fields were left blank, but now it will be shown consistently to improve transparency and accuracy during the client creation process.


Renewal Plan field is now Comments & Instructions

An update has been made to the Renewal Plan field in the system. It has been renamed to “Comments & Instructions” to better reflect its purpose. Additionally, this field has been included in the Australian Opportunity page layout, allowing users to enter and view comments and instructions related to the renewal process.

Furthermore, in the Portfolio Management tab, the “Comments & Instructions” field will now be available in both the Endorsement and New Business views. This ensures that users can access and update the relevant information in these views as well, providing a comprehensive overview of comments and instructions across different stages of the portfolio management process.