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Release Notes May 3 2023


We are excited to announce the addition of a new feature and improvement to the existing system.

247 Systems has recently identified an issue affecting the transaction counts for its client, Relav8, who uses the Path Audit system. This issue causes over-reporting and impacts the accuracy of transaction data for Relav8’s clients, including Insure 247, AIB, and Ausure Protect. As a result, our team has been working diligently to resolve this discrepancy and ensure that our services remain reliable for our clients.

Our development team has determined that the issue is related to the auto-updating of the Process Stage field to Completed when a Path audit (PA) record is marked as Finished. This automation creates two PA records for the same Process team transaction record, resulting in inaccurate transaction counts. We have identified that the Process Builder – Completion workflow rule is the root cause of the problem and are actively investigating ways to fix this error.

At 247 Systems, we take our commitment to providing accurate and reliable services seriously. We are dedicated to resolving this issue promptly to ensure that our clients can continue to rely on us for their transaction reporting needs. We will continue to keep our clients updated on our progress and anticipate a swift resolution to this issue.