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Release Notes June 9 2023


Efficiency and Automation: Salesforce Flow for Campaign Updates and Management

We have implemented a Salesforce flow to automate campaign updates, improving efficiency and accuracy. The first step involved creating a new field called “Current Campaign” on the Campaign object. This field is utilized in both of the new flows and serves as an indicator of whether a campaign is currently being used for the month. Additionally, we introduced the “Expired Campaign” field, which employs a formula to determine whether a Campaign record has reached its end date. This field is also utilized in the new flows.

To enhance usability, we added the newly created fields to the Campaign Layout on the Campaign object. This allows for easy access and visibility of the relevant information.

Two new flows were created as part of this implementation. The first one, “Assign Leads to Campaign,” automatically assigns newly created Leads to the appropriate Campaign, ensuring accurate lead management. The second flow, “Scheduled Monthly Digital Campaign Process,” handles the monthly process that Campaigns go through, ensuring timely execution of marketing activities.

Overall, these updates streamline campaign management, automate processes, and provide a more user-friendly experience for Salesforce users.