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Release Notes February 3 2023


  • Status and Type Field Changes
  • Australian Account Changes
  • Email for SMS Not Sent Development

(1)Status and Type Field Changes

The Status and Type fields have been updated. Options have been removed for other account types, e.g. insurers, premium funders. These two fields have been split into 3 and simplified. These fields will be updated for you on existing clients.

  • Status field will now be Current and Not Current
  • Type field will now be Customer or Prospect
  • Lost Reason field added to record the reason if a client is lost.

(2)Australian Account Changes

  • Client Value (Read only) field added – this is the client value from Insight. At the moment, it is updated once per week on a Monday.
  • Shipping Address field added
  • External Field Validation section and fields for Phone, Mobile and Email added (These are fields for Insight Integration only)
  • NPS – Last NPS Score, Unsubscribed from NPS, NPS Contact section and fields added
  • The File Notes tab has been changed to Files & File Notes and the Files list added to this tab.

(3) Email for SMS Not Sent Development

A new email alert automatic flow has been created for when an SMS is not sent successfully notifying the contact and account owner of the error