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VIA – Virtual Insurance Aide

Our system will act as a workflow engine, automating processes at each phase of the customer journey. Our focus is on personalization, communication, and seamless management of quotes, policies, claims, and renewals via custom objects in the Cloud.

Our custom insurance broker system is designed to simplify day-to-day tasks, streamline workflows, and enhance the client experience.

Values that lead us



The system automates processes, reducing the time and effort required for manual tasks. Brokers can focus on serving clients, while the system handles routine tasks.



The system personalizes communication and tailors the client experience based on insurance needs and risks. This leads to higher client satisfaction and loyalty.


Data Management

The system captures data needed for compliance and analysis, allowing brokers to quickly process a large volume of transactions.



The system is designed to be scalable, allowing brokers to grow their business and adapt to changing needs.

Insight Integration

247 Systems applications to Insight will enable importing policy and policy transition data on a preset time/date run schedule or in live functionality. This will provide users with the ability to import clients’ policy headers directly within 247 Systems app VIA, along with additional reporting and dashboards for live tracking and debtor reports.

The added functionality of being able to download policy schedules directly within the VIA app will save users time and streamline their workflow, as they no longer need to navigate to the external Insight webpage to pull policy-specific information.

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