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247 System Announces New Automation Partner

As insurers and brokers become more aware of the Insurtech revolution, the disconnect between insurers’ technologies and broker capabilities continues to grow, this adds to the delay in advancement within the broking industry.
While there is increasing investment in insurer/underwriter portals or digital strategies, Broker demands for streamlined processes and customer pressure for instant gratification exceed the technological development of the Insurers and partners.

247Systems announces its preferred automation partner Proceso Ptd Ltd, a joint venture with Covertech and Systems Parent Company.

Proceso’s cloud-based automation system allows brokers to streamline their operations in turn increasing the profitability of the services already provided and freeing up time to focus on other areas of running their business.

We reached out to CJ Behne, Director of Proceso and OnCover Insurance Brokers regarding Proceso’s system.

“Underwriters are very slowly starting to create online portals which is a huge amount of upfront investment, Proceso’s software opens up a whole new range of potential business without any additional investment in technology. The project covers everything from Customer and User Experience to Automated quoting and binding for brokers.”

One of the biggest issues facing brokerages in the current economic climate is the shortage of staff. Proceso is designed to increase the efficiency of existing staff by removing repetitive tasks such as entering the same information across 5 different portals to get quotes. Tasks that can take up to an hour to complete take less than 2 minutes and can be integrated with existing sales/broker systems to create quotes end to end. The saved time can be spent focusing on compliance or other potential policies the client requires.

“Partnering with insurance industry innovators like 247 Systems and Ausure allows us to put this technology in the hands of as many brokerages as possible, as fast as possible, building on the automation & marketing systems that made Insure 247 a successful brokerage & combining it with our technology creates an excellent mix of experience & capability,” Said Behne

247 Systems is the vanguard of Insurance Broking /Underwriting Systems. 247 System is a SaaS-based ERP package built on top of widely used CRM (customer relationship management) software